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Pythagorean Theorem Prototype

Building Cell Towers in Martian Outpost

Mission Overview

Martian Outpost

Government officials of the new Martian outpost are determining how many cell towers are required to cover the needs of their residents. Houses within 4 kilometers of each cell tower can receive cell coverage. How many cell towers should they build and where?

Notes and Requirements

  • Each unit on the map represents 1 km
  • Each house represents a small neighborhood with 20-30 households.
  • Residents have written to the governor that they prefer cell towers be built at least 1 km away from their neighborhood.

Outpost Map

(click coordinates to place cell towers)

Resources and Inspiration

The idea for this was heavily influenced by a Cell Towers Unit created by TACIB.

Prototype Deep Dive

Below are blog posts I've written to explain the research and thought process that went into building this prototype.

  1. Inspiration and Context
  2. Design and Development Decisions
  3. Classroom Implementation
  4. Potential Areas of Improvement and Future Development